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  • The following policy applies to media materials, including stories, produced for, by, in or on behalf of the Media Center (MC) at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

    In general, under the USC Intellectual Property policy, intellectual property rights in any work produced at USC that uses substantial USC resources is owned by USC. Please note the USC policy at the following link:
    The USC Media Center provides students with substantial resources well beyond those typically used for classroom use or required for typical courses. Accordingly, intellectual property rights to materials created by students in connection with Media Center projects are owned by USC. By signing below, you understand and agree that under the USC Intellectual Property Policy, USC owns and you hereby assign intellectual property rights to USC in any such materials.

    Materials you produce that are subject to USC’s ownership may be used by you for personal use only as part of your portfolio, but the material cannot be sold or otherwise commercially exploited without prior written permission and may not be distributed or published without our prior consent.

    Requests for distribution by outside entities
    It is our goal to have our students create professional quality, publishable work. As USC students working on Media Center projects, our students routinely obtain access and permission to shoot video, audio, still photos and interviews. This permission, however, is typically not granted to students for commercial use or any other use outside of USC-affiliated distribution channels.

    Given the legal, commercial, ethical and other complexities of multi-media production, we require that our students consult and obtain prior written approval from a Media Center faculty director before sharing any raw or finished materials with entities outside of USC-affiliated distribution channels. This consultation, however, is not needed for homework material that a course instructor requires students to post on non-USC and non-commercial distribution channels and that is not otherwise used in connection with USC distribution channels.

    Sports coverage
    USC Annenberg students are often granted special access to USC sports activities. Whenever USC grants you permission as a Media Center student to record USC sporting activities (for example, athletic events, practices or team meetings), any material you obtain, film or record in covering such activities can be used only for USC Annenberg student media publications and cannot be used by you or shared with or distributed to any outside entities unless prior written permission is given by a Media Center faculty director.

    Representing Annenberg Media
    When obtaining audio, video, images and interviews, you must let organizations and individuals know you are representing the USC Media Center. You must let them know the information and materials you are obtaining from and about them may be distributed by the USC Media Center (across all platforms).

    For long-form stories, such as news magazine and documentary, you may be required to obtain written permission from interviewees.

    Requests for dubs
    The USC Media Center does not provide dubs of stories or raw materials. Please provide organizations and individuals with links to your stories on USC Media Center and USC Annenberg School websites and social media only.

    Personal use of materials
    You may add links (only) to USC Media Center materials and stories that you have produced to your personal websites, portfolios, resume reels, and exhibition or awards entries.

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