Equity Board Brief #18

Understanding the Importance of Safe Spaces & How to Report on Them

Importance of Safe Spaces & Reporting in them

This week I’d like to focus on the importance of safe spaces and how to navigate reporting in these areas. I’ve talked about this before but while we were remote. Now that we are in person we can put some of these steps into practice. 


Some of the primary safe spaces on campus are: USC SEIP centers colloquially referred to as the cultural centers. These centers include:






These centers hold a physical space for students to feel safe and be with their community. Physically going to the center as a reporter without approval could interfere with that safe space. In my undergrad, there was a serious issue of reporters from both Annenberg Media and DT going to the center unannounced to speak to people for stories. Students felt unsafe because of this, especially those who were not out to their families back home for safety reasons. Reporters hold certain power and privilege that can threaten a person’s privacy if wielded without caution. 

As stated in the SPJ Code of Ethics, journalists must minimize harm. This refers to all parts of the reporting process. Now that we are in person, we have new ways of navigating the ethics of reporting that we should think about while working with Annenberg Media. 

SEIP Centers Interview Request policy update

  • The SEIP centers are enforcing a new way of requesting interviews that requires you go through their Senior Communications Strategist, Gretchen Meier. If you need to reach anyone at SEIP for a story, email her at gmeier@usc.edu with an interview request for any one of the center directors. If you are on a tight deadline, I’d suggest reaching out to any of the student assemblies under USG or any student organization who would also speak for your story.  



Steven Vargas 


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