Livestream Manager’s How-to-Guide

1. Set up the streaming platform(s)

Open the YouTube streaming dashboard. All the login info is saved on the streaming computer on Chrome. Tom, Bobby, Sebastian, Stacy, Graham are also all set as channel managers and can stream on the Annenberg Media channel by logging in with their USC emails. is also a channel editor.

Make sure you’re looking at the dashboard for the brand channel. You might have to click on the user icon in the upper right corner. Here’s a guide on switching to a channel that you manage.

Schedule a stream. Reuse the stream settings from a previous show, ideally the last one you streamed a week earlier.

Enter the title, description and thumbnail. These should be sent to you on the #livestream-managers channel on Slack. If you haven’t received them yet, it’s ok to use placeholders like “ATVN 9.28” and thumbnails from the Generic Holding Images folder. Just update the stream info when you receive TDs and Thumbs.

Share a link to the stream in #livestream-managers as early as you can!

2. Set up audio and video routing

The video routing setup looks like this:

Here’s a video guide on how to set up and manage streaming a multicam podcast

Make sure you’re getting the right audio and video showing up on Program in OBS before you start the preshow.

3. Start and manage the stream

Switch to the right Profile on OBS. That will have the streaming key and output settings saved for each show.

Pull up the preshow loop for the show.

When you hit “Start streaming” on OBS it will start sending a video feed to your streaming platforms. Twitch will start the stream right away. YouTube will wait for you to click the “Go Live” button before starting a stream you’ve scheduled.

Start the stream about three minutes before showtime. Switch from the preshow loop to Program the moment the show begins.

Manage the stream as needed:
Communicate with the Assistant Director to run commercials.

Run the livechat:
Managing the livechat is all about encouraging engagement, making participants feel recognized for participating and kicking out anyone spamming or making inappropriate comments. If you feel that someone should be removed, trust your gut and give them the boot.
You can tag people @username to get their attention if you want to communicate with them, use polls and emojis.

When the show ends, hit “Stop Streaming” on OBS, and then end the stream on YouTube.

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