How to stream multicam video from Studio B

Step 0 (0:00) : Don’t be shy about asking for help! This is a bunch of new stuff and the TechOps staff can help you understand what’s going on and troubleshoot any issues. The first six (!) minutes of this video are talking about how this system works, make sure you feel comfortable and well-situated before jumping in.

Step 1 (6:00) : Send Studio A Prgm source to the OBS Encoder

Step 2 (6:30) : Select Radio B cams for the Tricaster Input

Step 3 (7:30) : Route Audio from Studio B into the Tricaster

Sometimes necessary Step 4 ( 8:00 ): check the audio mixer on the tricaster to make sure Track 4, channel B is unmuted

Step 5 ( 9:45 ): Dial in your camera angles

When you’re really going live, you’ll set up the stream on Youtube, Twitch, FB, etc. and manage the livestream as usual at this point.

Step 6 ( 10:50 ) : Switch between cameras 1, 2 and 3 by selecting the appropriate numbers on the Tricaster Preview track and hitting Take

Step 7 ( 15:13 ) : After the show: reset everything back the way it was. Set Studio A cams as the Tricaster Input and select Studio A audio routing on the Wheatstone Sideboard.

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