How to change the featured story on the homepage (updated 2020)

As part of the Annenberg Media newsroom leadership, you should know how to update the featured stories on the homepage. It’s important because the top items on our homepage are the most seen and keeping an up-to-date homepage is one of the things we can do to help our site show up higher in search results.

(Go to the bottom for a tl;dr checklist of steps.)

The very first step is to open Arc and then go to Pagebuilder. From here, you can access any of the pages on our site to modify them. To edit the homepage, scroll down to the homepage section and click on the plus sign by the name. It’ll look like this:

Then, select the version you want to edit by simply clicking on the name. Here, we’ll be working with the live version, titled “homepage” and with the live checkmark.

Once you open the homepage to modify it, your screen should look like this:

Stages: make sure you click the blue “use stage” button to update your version to the latest version – it should be the one that’s live on the site. After you make your changes, you’ll have to click the orange “commit to stage” button to upload your version to the shared version.

The homepage consists of a few different columns. In the screenshot above, you can see the left sidebar, the featured stories, and the right sidebar. They’re listed in the “layout” tab under “bomb-1” as such. We’ll be focusing on the “featured-stories” section.

(Note: the easiest way to update the featured stories is by choosing the bottom-most one and dragging it to the top when you update the story.)

There are two ways you can change the featured story – 1) by clicking on the story under “featured-stories” or 2) by clicking on the edit button on the story on the page.

Either way, it’ll pull up a new sidebar. The “Content” section is where we go to change the story. Under “path,” you’ll find the URL slug to the story.

Replace this with the URL from your new featured story – that’ll be everything after the “” part of the URL, from the first forward slash. In the example above, it’s “/2020/11/12/journalisms-modern-day-flashpoint/”

Once you’re done, scroll all the way down to find the “update” button. It’ll take you back to editing the homepage.

Be sure to move your new featured story to the top of the list!

If everything looks good, click “commit to stage” > “preview/publish page” > “publish” to make the site go live, and then you’re done!

To review, here are the steps:

  1. In Pagebuilder, find and go to the live version of the homepage
  2. Click “use stage”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom-most featured story and click on it to edit it
  4. Change the path to the URL slug from the new featured story
  5. Go back to the homepage and drag your new featured story to the top of the list of featured stories
  6. Click “commit to stage”
  7. Click “preview / publish page”
  8. Click “publish”

Congrats, you’ve updated the homepage! For more Pagebuilder guides, see or talk to the Web team if you have any questions.

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