Check out Amy the Stylebot!

Annenberg Media has its very own style guide that’s accessible through Amy the Stylebot in the Media Center’s Slack workspace. When you have copy editing questions, simply find “Amy the Stylebot” in a direct message, just like you would if you were privately messaging your editor or producer on Slack. Then, ask your question or use a keyword such as “comma,” “titles,” “numbers,” etc. You can also use Stylebot to look up key source contacts, such as the number for DPS’ PIO. You can learn more about using Stylebot here:

Stylebot was invented at Annenberg to make copy editing faster and easier for students. It’s now used by newsrooms all over the country. We are always interested in your feedback, whether it’s on using the tool or about the content of the style guide. Please fill out this form to let us know what we can do better: Get in touch with us by emailing Professor Laura Davis at

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