How to export your video for the newscast

Before you export, ***always*** get your video approved before sending to studio for playout.

Step 1: After your video has been approved, click on the timeline and make sure the blue frame appears (see below)

Step 2: Open the PrimeStream Adobe Panel by going to: Window > Extensions > Primestream Adobe Panel (See below)

Step 3: A window prompting you to login may pop up. Enter “atvn1” as your username. There is no password.

NOTE: If a “Websocket Error: Failed to connect” window pops up, that means the FORK production client application is not open. You need to open FORK first before you can log into PrimeStream Adobe Panel.

Sometimes PrimeStream Adobe Panel will already be open and you won’t have to enter the login information.

If you successfully opened PrimeStream Adobe Panel, the following window should pop up:

Step 4: Under the “Smartbins” column on the left side, go to: Media Center Bins > Placeholders (see above)

Step 5: Select the CORRECT placeholder for your video (if you’re not sure what your placeholder is, ask your EP or lead producer)

Step 6: DOUBLE CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT PLACEHOLDER for your video (it’s super important)

Step 7: AFTER you choose the correct placeholder, click the blue “ACTIONS” button at the bottom, then select “register to placeholder” (see below).

Step 8: Choose “XDCAMHD_50_NTSC_60i.epr” as the Export Preset (it should be the only option)


Step 10: Click OK to send to AME

FINAL STEP: Go to the rundown in iNews and make sure the “Status” column for your story says “ONLINE.”

If it says “OFFLINE,” your video did not go through and you need to check in with John, Tom or your video producer for the day. They will help get your video sent.

If the video did go through and the status in iNews says “ONLINE” then congratulations, your video has successfully been exported to the newscast!

After exporting video, don’t forget to do the following in iNews:

Enter location CG for all VO

Enter name CG, TRT, Runs and Outcue for all SOT

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