Important Policies at the Media Center

1. Food and drinks are allowed in the central open area of the MC. However,
food and drinks are NOT allowed in the Special Production Spaces (control
rooms, studios, and editing suites). Please make sure you clean up your
workspace when done.
2. All students will enter the MC through the front door. Once you are
registered with the MC through this document, you will be able use the
second floor door and rear doors for entry as well using your USC ID card.
3. We want to encourage the sort of boisterous enthusiasm that comes with
active production and teamwork. Please be aware, however, of live shots
underway in the central open space, visitors or others working nearby. If MC
teams require or ask for a lower volume, please respect their wishes and
take your conversation to a different part of the MC.
4. Always bring your laptop. While there are desktop computers in the MC, the
number of computers are limited and usually reserved for special tasks.
5. Work space in the MC will always be at a premium. If you temporarily leave
your space for a short meeting or conference please leave a clear note
letting others know the space is occupied and what time you expect to
6. All printing in the MC must be related to MC productions. For other printing,
please go to ANN Digital Lounge ­ ANN 301.
7. All unclaimed paper left on the printers will be discarded into recycle bins.
8. If any recording, live television or radio production is in progress, please be
extra quiet to minimize potential disruptions.
9. Do not attempt to install any software on the MC computers.
10.Special Production Spaces require approval and training from an MC
Technical Production Supervisor.
Users must not give their login or any passwords to others or permit another individual
to use their account after personally logging in. Users shall not post or otherwise display
their password where the password can be seen by others. This includes all MC service sites.

About This Site

This is a resource hub to help student reporters at the Annenberg Media Center.

If you’re new to the Media Center, check out this one-page guide to see what it’s all about.

Contact the Media Center

Media Center Director, Professor Christina Bellantoni
(213) 740-3874

Annenberg Media Executive Editor, Tess Patton

Annenberg Media Assignment Desk:
(213) 740-3847

For equipment-related issues:
(213) 740-5739