MC Daily Reporter Shifts

If you are reporting for a mandatory Media Center shift for class, or a volunteer shift, you will be reporting for all three outlets. You may be asked to go do a story for a specific outlet, but remember everything you gather can be used by the website, radio, and TV. Social media is a major component as well, so be constantly aware of when you can Tweet, Snapchat, Periscope, etc.

USCANNENBERGMEDIA.COM: 24/7, multimedia website

ATVN: Airs Mon-Wed, 6pm, 30 min
See it Live, Thurs, 6pm, 10-15 min
ARN: Newscast Mon-Wed, 4pm, 10 min
From Where We Are, Thurs, 4pm, 30 min

If you are part of our longform/enterprise section, or working on a piece for class you hope to submit to USC Annenberg Media, these guideline still apply to you.

Schedule for the Daily Reporters
Producers/editors/Executive Editors/other student managers hold a “night before meeting” using Slack to talk about and start hashing out stories for the next day
Shifts are at 8am, 10am, 12pm, and 2pm
There is a daily 8:15am meeting to discuss stories, led by the Executive Editors
Radio show is at 4pm, TV show is at 6pm
ARN: From Where We Are, 30 minutes
ATVN: See it Live, 10-15 minutes

Daily reporters report for a 4-hour shift. They will come in, sign in at the Halo Desk, receive an assignment. Then they will go out, report on the story, CONSTANTLY checking back in via Slack or Trello. They are expected to tweet while out reporting. When they return, reporters must check back in with an Executive Editor or producer at the Halo desk before starting their story. Make sure all sound and video is given to the proper producers, and consistently check in with the news editor about text story progress. When done, do not just leave! Everything needs to be looked over by an editor and a staff member before publication. Tell an editor or producer to look over your work with you so you can get feedback and critique and so that it can be published in a timely manner.

A. You will be given an assignment at the beginning of your shift.
B. All reporters should be sending things back from the field. You should be tweeting, taking pictures, getting interviews using cell phones and sending it back, taking a video of yourself on the scene and sending it back … etc etc.).
You also need to be communicating with us on Trello or on slack. Always fill out those Trello cards with updates!
C. When you come back from a story, immediately tell someone in the Halo that you are back and what you reporting you have done.
D. You should try to create a shell on the new website and dump the material you have in there (pictures, quotes, history, facts, data, etc) before starting on full wraps and packages — the Media Center is “digital first” — we want even the basics up as quickly as possible

Producers and Editors: You need to be checking in with each other all the time. When a reporter returns to the desk, turn around and immediately tell the other people in the Halo. If a reporter did not get sound or video, make sure to tell the other editors and producers that. Remind reporters to Tweet from the field. Remind reporters to update their trello cards. Make sure they are being digital first and putting the story above the show. ALL of you need to be checking in the with the reporter frequently both before their return and once they’re back in the MC. Many of them will forget to tell you what information they got or if they’ve completed the story and they might just leave, so stay on top of them. Before you publish something, have a staff member glance at it if possible.

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