How to export videos from Premiere for the web

1. Rename sequence with ‘MMDDYY_Slug_Web.’

2. Right click the sequence and a menu will pop up. Click ‘Export.’

3. Navigate to the ‘Desktop.’

4. Click the ‘options’ button at the bottom left.

5. Select the ‘Export Settings’ drop down menu and select ‘QuickTime Movie.’

6. Check ‘Same as Source’ and make sure the option directly below ‘Use Avid Codecs’ is unchecked.

7. ‘Display Aspect Ratio’ at the bottom left should be ’16:9 square pixel.’

8. Click ‘Save’ – the video will now begin exporting and will be available on the desktop once it is finished. (Note: the videos should export in real time, so if a video is a minute long, it should export in about a minute.)

9. Go to the desktop. Open exported video. Click ‘File,’ then click ‘Export.’  NOTE:

CNN video cannot appear on the website.
— DO NOT post CNN video in your web stories; only post video shot by Annenberg Media.

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