How To Post To Trello and Slack

(More information can be found in the Universal Style Guide)



Trello is going to be an incredibly important communication tool for Annenberg Media. Therefore, we all need to learn!

We have two boards: one for developing/enterprise stories (In Progress) and one for a weekly runsheet (Runsheet). Longer-term stories (anything that’s not a day-of assignment) goes into the appropriate subject list on In Progress, and is moved to Runsheet the day it is published, into the corresponding list, of course. All stories planned for a broadcast, or any day-turn web assignments, go on the runsheet (i.e. cards made during night before chats & morning meetings).

Editors, EPs, and producers will make cards (LLers and volunteers will not), and then will tag all MJs working on the story. Cards will be added to the Runsheet during night before morning meetings and during morning meetings (EE running meeting will have Runsheet on conference room screen & will make cards in real time).

Section editors will create cards in their column on “In Progress” when they are assigned to an MJ, and they will move the cards to Runsheet when they’re published to the site.


To start, EVERYONE who works in the Media Center needs to fill out their own profile. This should include:

  1.         A photograph of themselves of their face – this is used to recognize you, so don’t have a faraway picture of you on a beach – make it of your face.
  2.         Your phone number and email address
  3.         Your title

These profiles will be used to recognize people and contact each other throughout the day, so it is important to have them fully filled out.


We have a Daily Board, with a spot for each day. For each story being done that day, there needs to be a Trello card.

The Executive Editors will run the morning meetings and the cards should be made then.

There are labels on Trello that show what medium is being used. Labels will now be used to indicate where a story is being published (WEB, TV BROADCAST, RADIO BROADCAST, SOCIAL MEDIA ONLY (i.e. 60 second vids, Stellar stories, etc.).

Of course, if a story (or elements of it) will be broadcast as well as published, it can bear multiple labels. There is a “Multimedia” label for web stories that have audio/video that aren’t part of a broadcast. There is a “Published” label that all stories should be tagged with once posted to the web.  


To tag, you open a Trello card and hit the + sign in the lefthand corner under “members.”

Then tag the reporter, producer, and Executive Producer.

That way, everyone gets notifications for the story.


Each card should start out with a label, the members and then a short description of the story.  Then throughout the day, the reporter, producer and EE should communicate by leaving comments on the card about who they have spoken to, their progress, any obstacles, etc.


To tag people, you write @TRELLONAME.


Once the story is done, you add the link to the story as an attachment. You should also upload your images to the card since not everyone can add media to Wordpost. Then go tell your editor and producer that everything is in the card.


The system is the same, just on a different board! Your editor will add the card/labels/etc and you will update it over a longer period of time.


  1. SLACK

Our slack name is

Make a username and password and join our group

Download the Slack desktop app and KEEP IT OPEN during all Media Center shifts. You can reach out to anyone on Slack during your shift if you hit problems.

On the left-hand side there is a button that says “Channel”

SUBSCRIBE to PITCH and PICKUP and any other channels relevant to your work

You will pitch your own stories to the Editorial Board via PITCH

The editorial board will pitch our stories via PICKUP

There are also boards per day that you can join and see the editorial board conversations.

You can also send private messages to other Slack users.

Slack is where the “night before” meetings are held to discuss stories for the next day. It is also where we discuss breaking news, enterprise stories, pitch ideas and more, so you don’t want to miss out on those.


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