Pagebuilder 101: Curating Featured Stories

If you’re part of the Annenberg Media newsroom leadership you should be prepared to change the featured stories on our homepage. It’s important because the top items on our homepage are always our most heavily viewed, but it also matters because keeping a fresh, often-updated homepage is one of the things we can do to help our page show up higher in search results.

This is one of the simplest things to do using Pagebuilder, the Arc Publishing platform’s content formatting tool.

Some vocab to start with:

Pages vs. Templates: you can use Pagebuilder to layout two kinds of webpages, Pages and Templates. You can see which kind you’re working with at the top of the window.

Pages are unique, custom curated pages, like our site’s homepage. Templates are automatically generated, like a generic story post. If that doesn’t make sense, talk to Graham and we can go into it more. But all you need to know to start curating featured stories is that you’ll be working out of the Pages section, not the Templates.

Versions of a Page: You can save multiple versions of a page in Pagebuilder, and swap between them. This is also useful if you want to keep an emergency backup of a page before making any changes.

Click the + sign on a page with multiple versions to select what one you’d like to edit.

And click the … button on the right side of each version to duplicate it, delete it, edit it or take it live.

Once you’ve clicked on a page to start modifying it, your screen should look like this:

Stages: Stages are how PageBuilder lets you save changes and work on edits with other people before making modifications live. If you click the blue “Use Stage” button, your screen will refresh to be the most recently saved or staged version of the page—probably the version currently live on the site.

When you’ve made modifications you’d like to save, click “Commit to Stage.” That version will not go live yet, but other editors in the newsroom will be able to see the changes you’ve made when they log on to PageBuilder.

Definitely explore all the elements on our homepage, it’s very unlikely you will accidentally publish any changes. But the most important things for you to manage the featured stories are Chains and story fields. A chain is a series of story links. The List Well Chain is the chain of featured stories on our homepage, so this guide will focus on that.

If you ever want to see more details about an element of a PageBuilder layout, scroll over the upper right corner of the component you want to see more details about and click the Pencil icon to edit it.

The fastest way to update the featured stories on the homepage is to duplicate the current top story, switch out the first item, and delete the last story from the chain. Here’s a step by step breakdown of how to do that:

  1. Click the … button on the first item in List Well Chain and select “Duplicate”
  2. Click on the top story to edit it
  3. Scroll down until you see the “Path” field. The Path for a post is everything in a story’s URL after “” Replace what’s there with the path for our new top story. It should look like: /2019/09/01/usc-hangs-on-to-lead-as-slovis-makes-debut/
  4. Click update at the bottom of the panel.
  5. Click the … button next to the last story on the chain and select “Remove,” which has a trash can icon.
  6. Click “Commit to Stage”
  7. If you’re sure it’s ready to roll, click “Publish” in the green banner that pops up.

Your new, refreshed homepage is now live.

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