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Here’s what you need to do when editing your video in the Media Center

You need to attend a Media Center video editing training workshop on Adobe Premiere and FORK video asset plug-in.

Before you start editing:

• Raw video files should be stored in the FORK (F:) drive. Copy all files in a folder with your story name, inside of the show folder. (Be specific and use the date.)

• Import all footage into Adobe Premiere

• Executive Producer AND a Faculty Advisor must approve all ATVN package scripts before you begin to edit.

• Export the finished video sequence to the proper placeholder using the Primestream Adobe Panel.

NOTE: If you are not completely prepared to edit, you may be tying up a computer another student could be using. In this case you may be asked to stop editing until you are fully prepared.

Editing PKG’s (packages), VOs (voice over), and SOTs (sound on tape) for MC.

1. IMMEDIATELY transfer your footage into FORK (MAM) and then return Memory Card to a Media Center Production Specialist.

2. NEVER edit with your Memory Card in the card reader.

3. ALWAYS start your editing session through Adobe Premiere.

4. RECORD your voice track in the VO booth using Adobe Audition in one long recording, including all your VOs. The file can be broken up after you import into your project.

5. ALWAYS add 10 seconds of pad at the end of your edited sequence for broadcast material, but do not put pad at the front of your sequence.

6. ADJUST your audio levels and double-check for accuracy. Have a Media Center Specialist check if you are unsure.

7. Check to see if your broadcast story has a tease you might need to edit.

8. iNews: Fill in the times in your script in iNews. Make sure CGs, runs, take at, and TRTs are accurate. This is very important information. Many mistakes in the Newscast occur because of incorrect/incomplete information!!! Make sure you know how to do this properly or ask for help.

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