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Fall 2017

The Media Center features various studios and control rooms designed with the latest technology for multimedia productions. These spaces include:

STUDIO A (mini studio) ANN102A: DIY 360-degree rotating video podcast and webcast studio.

Here’s what you need to do to use Studio A:

• Complete a Studio A training workshop. (Please contact Chuck Boyles for more information at [email protected])

• You may use the Studio A to record segments with one or two people.

• For consistency and branding in each production, the host welcome AND goodbye must contain the following: “from Studio A in the USC Annenberg School”

• The studio may be used to record interviews, Skype recordings, podcasts, shows, etc.

• Live web streaming and recording is available. Recordings get transferred to the Studio A bin in Xchange.

• Always ask a MC Technical Production Specialist to help you with set positioning and lighting.

• Do not rotate the set platform; you could accidentally cause serious damage to the wires. • Check the Virtual EMS calendar for available time slots. Some classes may have reoccurring hours prescheduled.

You can reserve Studio A time after your training through Virtual EMS at:

STUDIO B (audio studios) ANN 102B, 102C & 102D: This includes an Audio Production Booth, an Audio Live Studio, and Audio Control Room.

• The studio spaces may be used to record voiceovers, interviews, podcasts, phoners, etc. Once you are finished recording, move to the Media Center central floor to edit your material. Do not edit in Studio B.

• Studio B Live Studio and Control room may only be used for Annenberg Radio News production material from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Thursdays. Do not blow on, tap, or touch any of the pickup areas of the microphones!

• All trash must be picked up from the studio and properly discarded. If you want to keep scripts/rundowns, pull them out of the Radio Control Room or they will get thrown away each night by the producers or MC Production Supervisor!

• If you are working during an ARN day of air shift, the studio can be used freely. Reservations should be made for all other times when ARN is not in production.

You can reserve Studio B time for MC productions at:

STUDIO C (big studio)

ANN 102E & 103: Large live video studio and television control room.

• The studio and control room are used for live news and to record interviews, Skype & offsite recordings, podcasts, shows, etc.

• Studio C media output is recorded directly to FORK and will be uploaded to Xchange. Once you are done recording, move to the Media Center central floor to edit or download material.

• If you want to keep scripts/rundowns, you must remove them or they will get thrown away each night by the producers or MC Production Specialist.

• Always ask an MC Technical Production Specialist to help you with set positioning, audio, and lighting.

Scheduling available for approved MC productions only. Email: [email protected]


Editing facilities are for Annenberg students. During the week, Annenberg Media productions have priority use of the edit suite and desktop computers

ANN 102L: Suite of 10 video editing stations. ANN 206 A – K: 10 private video editing bays (2nd floor).

• No food or drinks, only sealed water bottles will be allowed,.

• Do not attempt to install any software on computers.

• Do not plug/unplug any wires into the computers towers.

• Do not save any personal projects on local computers.

• Pick up after yourself and do not leave a mess.

• If the MultiEdit Room is locked please use the upstairs Editing Suites.

Edit Suites do not require reservations at this time.

Overall Studio Policies

1. No eating or drinking is allowed in the production studios or control rooms. This rule applies to students and visitors. Anchors and hosts will be allowed to have a resealable water bottle. Resealable water bottles will also be allowed in the edit rooms.

2. Unless you are properly trained, do not touch any buttons or settings on the video switcher, audio mixers, or any other specialized control room equipment.

3. No scenery, props, or sets can be added without MC Technical Production Supervisor approval and cannot be stored overnight.

4. Return all equipment (chairs, tables, stands, monitors, curtains, etc.) to their proper places before leaving production spaces.

5. All trash must be picked up from the studio and control room and properly discarded.

6. Do not tape, staple, or attach any extra materials to the studio sets and desks.

7. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a reservation, the space may be given to another person.

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