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Media Center Equipment Assignment Form

Non day-of-air equipment checkouts for MC programs require Equipment Assignments. You will need approval to check out equipment the night before an MC assignment or for weekend use.

You must fill out an online Equipment Assignment Form with MC Producer or Faculty approval. This form is sent automatically to the Equipment Room.

SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT can also be authorized using this form with approval from MC faculty and authorized Executive Editors.

Returning Your Equipment

When you check in your equipment, we will go over the kit with you. You must remain by the checkout window until the full check-in process is complete. You are responsible for returning your equipment as neatly as it was checked out. It is your responsibility to remove all personal belongings (wallets, money, ID’s, credit cards, personal media, etc). –

General Equipment Room Policies are posted at the counter

MC Memory Cards

Memory Cards will be provided for Media Center assignments only. They will be distributed to you when checking out video and audio equipment from the Annenberg Equipment Room. It is your responsibility to test the equipment and Memory Cards to make sure they are both in good working order before you leave the building. When you return, upload your media from the card to the FORK Media Asset Manager (MAM). After the files have been transferred to the MAM it is then your responsibility to return your Memory Card to one of the wall drop boxes located throughout the Media Center.

Please do not:

• Return Memory Cards to the Equipment Room.

• Leave Memory Cards in your equipment kit.

• Leave Memory Cards lying around or trust someone else to turn them in for you.

You are financially responsible for Memory Cards not turned in. ($20 each)

Note: Impact has unique Memory Cards. Refer to their separate documentation.

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