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Editing Checklist

1. Five Ws and the H — does the story have the who, what, when where, why and how in the opening grafs?

2. Does the story have three sources? If not, why?

3. Have all parties had their say? Did we give people or institutions a chance to respond?

4. Check attribution — will it be clear to the reader where we got all our facts and figures? Did we hyperlink where appropriate?

5. Does the story give prominent placement to information that’s of interest to our audience?

6. Are there other Annenberg Media assets that can be embedded in the story? Social media? Video? Audio?

7. Is the story appropriately tagged and categorized? Are there roadblocks linking to more of our coverage? Is there a featured and social media image?

8. Double check the headline, byline, dek and lede

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This is a resource hub to help student reporters at the Annenberg Media Center.

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