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How to edit your audio in the Media Center

You need to attend both Audio Workshops (Audio Field and Studio Workshop and Adobe Audition Editing Workshop) and/or be enrolled in a radio class to use the audio editing facilities in the Media Center.

(Click here for Audition editing instructions)

When editing an audio piece:

• Files can be stored in the “ARN Student” folder accessible on the Media Center computers.

• “ARN Student” folders will be cleared periodically; we recommend you backup your files to your own hard drive.

• Make sure you trim off extraneous material at the end of your finished piece. Otherwise, unwanted audio could be heard in the show.

• When mixing down the final project for submission for the newscast, the audio file MUST be a .WAV file with the settings of 44.1khz, 16 bit, Mono.

• Be conscious of your audio levels before you produce the final piece. If they are too low, high, or inconsistent, it can cause difficulty during playback.

• The final piece must be posted in the “NewsBoss” folder to play in the newscast.

Media Center audio production equipment and facilities MAY be used for:

• Edited material for a Media Center production (Live Broadcast and Podcasts)

• Radio-related class projects

• Resume compilations

Media Center audio production equipment and facilities MAY NOT be used for:

• Projects for other schools or departments

• Personal projects

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