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Finding Radio Story Ideas

  • The CNS (City News Service) budget. This is a good place to start but do not rely on the budget for story ideas. The budget will tell you what news conferences, court hearings, protests or official travel is happening that day (i.e. a march by the teacher’s union or the mayor making a speech in downtown LA.)
  • Read! And pay attention… spend time throughout the week finding out what stories are important to the city as a whole and South LA in particular.
  • The national or state wires. The Associated Press is a good place for national stories or big things happening in the city or state.
  • Local blogs or community websites. Do a ‘news’ search in Google for Los Angeles or surrounding cities to see what’s being reported elsewhere that doesn’t get picked up by mainstream websites.
  • Get creative: How are local communities reacting to what’s happening nationally?

Want more information? Check out the Producer Handbook for more on finding good story ideas.

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