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Best practices for Snapchat

Social media is a storytelling tool. Be sure to think about how best to use it for every story you are telling. Before posting to any platform, you MUST check in on the #socialmedia Slack channel and say what you are doing. ALWAYS check previous posts to make sure you are not duplicating work. For more on social media guidelines, see our Universal Style Guide.

  1. There is one Annenberg Media Snapchat story per day. This is determined by the social media editors; Snapchat is not available to every reporter each day. If you have an idea for a Snapchat story, pitch it to the EE, a social editor or in Slack
  2. If you have to issue a correction on Snapchat, do another snap in the story that refers specifically to the snap with the incorrect information. Either write “correction” or say on video that you are correcting the aforementioned snap. Then give the correct information (it’s OK if this takes more than one snap)
  3. Do not use the filters that alter the color of the photo or video
    1. Generally stay away from the selfie lenses and video editing features (only use the video editing when there is a journalistic purpose and it’s immediately obvious to the viewer that the video has been sped up or slowed down)
    2. It’s OK to use geofilters

Maintain all the values of accuracy and transparency, but embrace the medium.

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