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Courthouse Rules and Procedures


  1. You can not use cellphones inside the courtroom. If you need to use your phone you can use it in the hallways, but bailiffs are pretty strict when it comes to using your phones inside the courtroom and if they see it out they may ask you to leave the courtroom for the remainder of the case.
  1. Don’t shoot video until the judge says it’s okay.  When it comes to using cameras or the pool kit, you must wait until the judge addresses the media requests that were sent in. The judge will usually do this at the start of the court hearing at which time he’ll decide if he will allow it. (They normally do)
  1. Prepare to take notes with a pen & paper. They normally will not approve the use of laptops or the recorder might not record everything so prepare to take notes on with a pen and paper.
  1. No food or drinks in the courtroom.  But if you do get hungry there is a cafeteria!
  1. FREE WIFI. If you want to write a quick update tweet or send an email.
  1. If possible, business attire. This is in a courthouse so it is best to appear in similar attire expected of the officials working there. Will they kick you out if you don’t? No, but they will probably take you more seriously if you dress the part.

Below are additional links to the rule and regulations for covering Los Angeles Superior Courthouse along with court documents for the Media Request that must be filed prior to attending the court proceedings.

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